Staff Testimonials

"I didn't know that I can make clinical interventions as though I'm working in the hospital. With all the relevant informations on my laptop, I can talk to the nurse or physician from anywhere, anytime and communicate the changes back to the pharmacy staff, all in real time. It's great."

Rita Chan, telepharmacist since 2008

"Telepharmacy allow me to use my background as a hospital pharmacist to work with under-serviced facilities regardless of geographic location. Hospital pharmacists have long been viewed as a luxury in Canadian hospitals; telepharmacy breaks down tradition barriers to expanded pharmacist services and give facilities alternative solutions to staffing shortfalls."

Kurt Schroeder, telepharmacist since 2005

"Finding the perfect job to match your special interests, training and the location you live can sometimes be a challenge. With telepharmacy, you can share your special skills with a hospital in need .... without having to move from the location you love. A win-win situation for all."

Janet Lafreniere, telepharmacist since 2009


NorthWest Telepharmacy has given me the flexibility to continue doing what I love, which is practicing hospital pharmacy, while maintaining a work-life balance. I also get to experience a wide range of hospital practice settings across different provinces which has been very unique and valuable to me. I feel privileged to be part of these health care teams and look forward to the onsite visits to be able to meet the people and places I interact with every day or week.

Sonia Wisebrod, telepharmacist since 2009

Being a telepharmacist has so many advantages! I love that I can have a positive impact at multiple hospitals without being tied to just one. I have the opportunity to act as a clinical pharmacist and assist physicians across Ontario, and I feel good knowing that I am helping improve patient outcomes at hospitals that have never had a pharmacist before. There are always new challenges every day. I truly enjoy the novel consulting opportunities as well, such as helping establish pharmacy best practice at underserviced hospitals though policy development. And, the work-life balance cannot be beat!

Rebecca Agar, telepharmacist since 2013

One of the most rewarding aspects of telepharmacy is the collaborative effort I have with the onsite staff as we work toward a common goal of putting the wellbeing and safety of our patients first.

The Telepharmacy model has allowed more hospitals to pursue increased patient safety initiatives, including CPOE and eMAR. These initiatives however come with the need for pharmacist coverage outside of the traditional pharmacy hours. The expanded coverage needed for real-time order verification is the perfect niche for Northwest Telepharmacy Services to fill.

Josh Bryant, telepharmacist since 2010