Hospitals that utilize our services are relieved from the time consuming, costly and sometime difficult process of pharmacist recruitment. Our services allow the hospital's on-site staff to spend more time on quality patient care and less time on clerical and administrative tasks. Our consultative process with prospective client organizations is focused on identifying opportunities to improve patient safety and reduce hospital medication costs.

Current Services Provided

  • Pharmacist participation on Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
  • Pharmacist remote profiling and medication review
  • Formulary management service
  • Pharmacist evaluation of medication distribution processes to improve medication safety and compliance, hospital wide.
  • Provision of in-services to nursing personnel, allied health professionals, and physicians on relevant new medication therapies and hospital policies
  • Warfarin dosing and INR monitoring (inpatient or outpatient)
  • Implementation of care paths and preprinted orders
  • On-call service provides access to a hospital pharmacist for patient-specific drug information requests for all hours that the hospital’s pharmacy is closed.

Why Choose Us For Your Pharmacy Services?

  • Improved patient safety with pharmacist medication review and participation in the medication process
  • Fill existing vacancies for pharmacists
  • Improved working environment for onsite pharmacists which helps improve recruitment
  • Flexible service contracts
  • Experienced and enthusiastic pharmacists
  • Enables hospitals to expand pharmacy services to 24/7