North West Telepharmacy Solutions is continually recruiting hospital experienced, licensed pharmacists for telepharmacy positions.

Working with North West Telepharmacy Solutions is rewarding and very flexible.


  1. Hospital specific pharmacy work
  2. Opportunity/flexibility to work at home or on the road
  3. Flexible scheduling
  4. Travel opportunities (remote locations included)
  5. Great autonomy and independence
  6. Weekly participation in teleconferences with other telepharmacists for educational and communication opportunities.

Pharmacist employees of North West Telepharmacy Solutions remote pharmacy unit can look forward to a very rewarding and unique opportunity to work for hospitals while in the comfort of their homes, or while traveling. North West Telepharmacy Solutions unique business model allows flexible scheduling including part-time employment for retired pharmacists, and great autonomy and independence for all our employees. Our pharmacists are offered multiple professional development opportunities through weekly teleconferences, and other events. Employment with our remote pharmacy business may also involve travel opportunities, and potential relocation to tropical or sub-arctic climates.

If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail your resume for more information.

Kevin McDonald
Manager of Hospital Pharmacy
North West Telepharmacy Solutions